Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser

A couple of weekends ago I took the boys to church to build Gingerbread houses.
I know. I know. We already built Gingerbread houses this year!
But every year our church holds a Gingerbread Making Event to raise
money for Habitat for Humanity. (Clever huh?)

I had never gone before, due to schedule conflicts and was so happy when I realized that I had the day free!
For each house we paid a $10 donation.

Their loot options were so much better than ours at home!
They had EVERYTHING you could think of!

They had so much frosting...frosting...and more frosting!

Dominic got his own house and I helped Connor with his.

Here's Dom's finished product...

From the front:

From the back:

And Connor's...

These boys are pro's!!

I love doing Christmas activities that also Give Back :) 

For more information on Habitat for Humanity and how you can get involved, click here.


  1. You guys really are pros! Please don't look at my gingerbread house...it's quite sad in comparison! :P