Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunt 2011

So our tree hunting day usually consists of going to a tree farm, dragging a saw and carrier all over the hill looking for a tree to cut down, getting tired of trees that look horrible, and heading back down to purchase one of the pre-cut trees after all.
This has definitely become a joke in our family...yet most years we still do it!

This year was different.

Jeff's parents had heard about Larry's Produce in Fairfield.
So we gave it a try.

First of all...I am definitely going back there...just for their produce!
At good prices.
And beautiful!

Anyway back to the trees...
they are unique in that they have an area that sort of looks like a big car port where they have their trees...
So you can turn them and really see what they look like.

Emma Kate helped look...

Connor found some good ones...

And finally we found our tree...
7 foot.

And when you find your tree, you tell one of the workers, they fresh cut it, and take it to your car.
Meanwhile after the worker has told you how much your tree is, you then tell the worker at a register how much your tree is, he rings you up, you pay cash. And you're gone.

Just like that!
On your honor!
No color coding.
No nothing.
Just trust!

Bunga and Papa found theirs too.

We were able to sneak in a family photo as well!

Overall Review:
Larry's Produce was awesome for the price!
And for the produce as well.
There were a lot of people pushing their wheel barrels who were SERIOUS about their produce.
They didn't have too much patience for a mom who wanted to get some good family tree-hunting pictures:)

It was a great new adventure!


  1. Sounds like fun-- love all that beautiful produce! Those peppers would make a mean jambalaya...

  2. So fun!!! And easy is always good! :)