Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!

I'm back!
Happy New Year!
I think I am still whirling from all of the holiday activities.
The Schwab Family had a "Staycation" the week between Christmas and New Year's and we had lots of really nice family time together.
Lots and lots of fun events.

As for New Year's Eve...very low key...just how we wanted it!
We had another couple over for dinner and a "sleepover." They live an hour away and we invited them to stay the night to avoid what can be a very dangerous late ride home on New Year's Eve.

This is the mess that was left over after our evening...

To tell you the truth...most of that was from the teenagers that were in our home;)

We started the evening with a home-made Mexican dinner.
I made pork burritos the day before, wrapped them individually, and just popped them in the oven  for a while before it was time to eat...easy peasy!

Alan and Mary love the kids and ALL of their energy.
We love hanging out with them too:)

We had good food, good drinks, and  played a fun game together before Connor went to bed and Dominic's friends came over.

Dominic spent a lot of time setting up the garage for a small New Year's party with his friends.
They all came at 8 and stayed till well after exciting for them seeing as how their get-together's usually end at 11. (Got that ladies? The going curfew these days is 11:00.)

I promise...this is most definitely Sparkling Cider that Dominic is pouring!
(At one point when I went out to the garage to check on what they were up to I found them all sitting down writing letters to themselves to put in a time capsule. So fun!)

Good food...check!
Good friends...check!
Happy "littles" in bed "on time"...check!
Happy teenager...check!

So now...what to do with this huge gap I have in this blog between Dec...22? And New Year's Eve...
I think I have no choice but to use my next several posts to revisit the Holiday Fun.
I know many of you may be well over the Holiday's but I don't want the kids to look back someday and say,
"What happened to Christmas 2011?!"

So get ready to be taken back to Santa visits, volunteer time, and lots of lots of presents!!!

Happy New Year!!

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