Sunday, January 29, 2012

Better Than Ever

We have been debating for a couple weeks as to when we should pick our oranges from the tree.
And today was the day!
Remember last year, our first year that the tree actually produced fruit?
Well this year, we actually needed to recruit some help and Connor was happy to oblige...

We thought this year we had 10-15 oranges on the tree...

31 in all!

I have one excited husband today!

And the chowing down has begun!
They are so juicy!
Last year they were just...ehhh.

I am also super excited to blow up one of my "Orange Pictures," frame it, and put it up in the kitchen for a pop of color.

What do you think?
Picture #1 or #2?


  1. #2!!

    I'm so jealous... Our orange tree died this year during one of our below freezing nights (they happen every once in a while!!)

  2. #2! I like the old wheelbarrow in it. :) You should can some orange marmalade!

  3. Love the oranges in the wheelbarrow!!! Homegrown oranges are the best!!