Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Heidi's Birthday Weekend

A week and a half ago I had one of the best girls' weekends I have ever had!
And it was all in honor of this special lady's birthday...

Nobody knows how to do birthday's like Heidi does.
9 of Heidi's Besties headed to Wine & Roses in Lodi, CA for a relaxing Spa Weekend.
We enjoyed amazing food...

Complete with wine and cheese plate delivered to our rooms in the afternoon...

Lots of relaxation...

And some pampering at the spa...

Tegan made us these bags with Homemade Lavendar Grapeseed Bath "Stuff"
(which I LOVE) and some othere goodies inside.

And Heidi put together these Spa-Inspired boxes as a "Thank You" gift.

Best of all, we had so much girl time! In the past we have had our girls weekends in Tahoe, which don't get me wrong...were very very fun...but this was a different kind of of which did not entail a very long queazy-tummy-ride home.

These ladies rejuvinate me just as much, if not more, than the 60 minute massage I had.
We hung out by the hot tub, around a firepit, all afternoon, while we each took turns getting treatments. We sipped champagne, met some friends, and laughed...a lot.

The hotel offered wine tasting...ehhh.
But everything is truly better with these girls.

At dinner Heidi got a special birthday treat from the restaurant...

Yup! That's a "cake" full of mixed drinks!
She Most of us sampled every single one;p

The best part of the evening was when we surprised the birthday girl with a long-awaited-scrapbook.
Each of us girls picked a store that made us think of Heidi (anyone who knows Heidi knows that that girl loves to shop!) and used the store to inspire a scrapbook page.

(Yes, we got tears!!! Success!)

Here's my page...
It was so fun going through old pictures and remembering all the times we've shared.

We finished the night off with some more yummy drinks, good piano music in the hotel bar, and games back in our room.

I am so so sad that I did not get even one picture of a couple of these ladies;(
I don't know how on earth that happened.

But am still thanking the Lord for the time I had this weekend, for all of these special women in my life, and for this girl...

Happy Birthday Heidi!
Miss you already ladies!
And miss you even more, Jaime:(
(It wasn't the same without you.)


  1. Such a good recap Laura! Love all your pics! You did SUCH a good Job! I had so much fun with you for my birthday!

  2. My favorite is the pic of Kim in her robe! I want to go back... like now.

  3. I LOVE that first picture of Heidi! You got such great shots, Laura! You're right, being with everyone was the absolute best part of the weekend. :) We are so lucky.