Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Here's a glimpse into what Valentine's Day looked like at the Schwab House this year....

Several weeks ago I found these blocks in the Dollar Spot at Target.

All last season I coveted these next blocks from Pottery Barn Kids. I resisted temptation until...
Easter time I found them on clearance!!!
That's when I broke down.
I was super excited to pull them out this year!

In addition, last Christmas I was given these candle holders, which are great for Christmas time...
but I prefer them for February.
I have searched high and low for the right size candles. For over a year.
(They require a unique size and I have had so much trouble finding the right size.)
Until I was at Michael's the other day and thought just for kicks I'd check out their candle section.
Woohoo! Score!

We don't make too big a deal around here for Valentine's Day but we do give some small gifts and often make a yummy dessert for the grandparents.

This year I worked on a little project for Jeff that I saw on Pinterest...
(All for the price of a new deck of cards!)

While at Trader Joe's this morning Emma Kate and I came across some long stem strawberries. That is when I got the idea to make chocolate covered strawberries for grandparents this year. Connor and I worked on them during Emma's naptime.
Later, we made a few deliveries of the long stems, while making some simpler ones to keep for ourselves.

I also tried the chocolate covered peanut butter banana bites that have been all over Pinterest recently...Fail:(
(I may try them again with some modifications.)

Connor had a party at school today and was really excited to show me all of his Valentine's.

Add a short trip to Target, morning snack with Emma at Starbucks, baseball practice for Connor, track for Dom, and a chicken dinner...
there you have it...
Valentine's Day at the Schwab Zoo.


  1. Love Valentines Day :) That's too bad about the PB banana bites... I made some frozen, chocolate covered banana bites with coconut a while back and they were gooood. Cute decor!

  2. Cute blocks! And that was a whole lotta Valentines Loot! Looks like everyone made out!! What did your Valentine get you????