Friday, November 26, 2010

The Day After

Typically we head out the morning after Thanksgiving to go to the Christmas Tree Farm for our tree. I LOVE the smell of the tree in the house and want to savor it for as long as possible! This also commences the rest of the decorating, inside and out. This year I really battled with the idea of getting our tree at much cheaper! But what kind of tradition is that to pass along? I can just hear Dominic in 20 years..."I remember the good old days...we would drive on down to Costco and randomly pick up a netted tree..."
OK maybe that's ok for some...I decided I couldn't do it...not only that...but in these times I like to support the family-owned-businesses when I can.

So we headed out in Jeff's pick-up. Ummm...we don't fit in it like we used to! It's a 4-door, but there are 5 of us now, 3 of us being adult size and 2 car seats. I wish I got a picture of Jeff shoved in between the 2 car seats in the back with his feet up on the center console! It was awesome! He was so nice to let me drive...for once I was glad too!

We got to the tree farm only to find that their fresh cut trees weren't going to be there until Sunday:( So back home we went and decided to do the outside lights today instead.

My hubby is a good sport!

Jeff wouldn't let Dominic up on the roof, but this was the first year he got to be the one up on the ladder hanging the lights! Oh, having a teenage son DOES have some advantages!

Connor can't wait to join in on the ladder action!

(Though he insists he's going to be an engineer when he grows up, I think he's headed for the

Fire Station!)

Later Jeff and Dominic took off to see a movie and have some guy time. So Connor and I had movie date night in, accompanied by Emma Kate. We pulled out The Polar Express...surprise! Connor's Favorite!

Emma Kate was more interested in the ads! She must have known it was party night...she

stayed up late!

Late tonight when Dom got home, he took a picture of the lights. He was very proud!

Yeah Christmas time! I love EVERYTHING about this time of year!


  1. Ah, Red Envelope... I'm sure Emma is shopping for something for Mom. :)

  2. Tegan is Funny! I didn't even notice what magazine she was reading...

    Yay for christmas! And nice Lights! Good Job Jeff and Dom!

  3. Can you come to my house and do my Christmas lights? (We only got about 8 inches of snow last night, no big deal).