Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Different Kind of Sunday

For some reason lately Sunday's have been a huge challenge for me. Though it's crazy getting everyone up and out to church early, the day starts off really well with church and usually Starbucks on the way home. And then....downhill...I feel like the kids start testing me, Jeff and I butt heads, and I am overwhelmed with grocery shopping, laundry, and housework. All the while, anticipating the beginning of another work week on top of all of that.
I woke up this morning very groggy...Emma and I had been up many many times, sick, the night before. Jeff let me sleep in though...such a nice treat! I drug myself out of bed and downstairs asking for coffee, STAT! It was clear that we were not going to church, unless I wanted to get looks of disdain from other moms in the nursery as my child's nose dripped all over the place and yet, other looks from people as I croaked out songs of worship like a frog!

We lounged around with the kids for awhile and decided to head to Costco for some groceries.
BIG MISTAKE! Please remind me that going to Costco on a Sunday the weekend before Thanksgiving is NOT a good idea! Usually Jeff is the more patient one...not today!

Despite the fiasco at Costco, it turned out to be a very nice day. I didn't do a lot, considering I wasn't feeling well...just hung out with the family and did laundry.
Tonight was DEFINITELY bath night. My daughter had some unknown "treasure" stuck in her hair and Connor had green marker from head to toe!
I threw Emma in the tub and as we were playing, Connor came in the room. He had a surprised and excited look on his face as he proceeded to take his clothes off. "Bath time with Emma tonight!" he squealed. We had a great time until he pulled her bath cushion out from under her, causing her to topple over and hit her head on the side of the tub. That was the end of that!

After the little ones got warmed up and jammies on, Dominic set up some fun speakers that light up with fun colors to the beat of the music from his Ipod. We turned off all of the lights in the upstairs hall and had a dance party. Aunt Shawna came over and was thrilled to join in on the party. (Jeff was m.i.a. downstairs "manning" the fire.)

Hmmm...what made today different? I have to battle the part of me that thinks that it was the more relaxed atmosphere of not having to get everyone up and out to church. Days like these make that small part of me say, "Maybe we shouldn't go a little more often."

But I know better...I know that it is worth the challenge...what is REALLY happening...and continue to pray every Sunday that "today will be different."


  1. Love the Dance Party!!

    and Emma Kate's Jammies! ;)

  2. Three words: Saturday Night Service :)