Sunday, November 14, 2010

Big Day for Emma Kate

Today was a big day for Emma Kate!!! This morning I checked her upper gums, which have clearly been showing signs of teeth popping through any day. And there was a little jagged edge! Yeah! We're through! At least with one of them! I am looking forward to restful nights again for a little while...teething is rough...on Emma and on Mom!

Emma has been doing a certain arm movement for about a week or so. Jeff and I have been debating as to whether or not it's a "hello" and "bye-bye" movement. As of's official...Emma Kate waves! (I should have known when the guy in the parking lot at the grocery store last week said, "Ohhh, she waved to me!" At the time I thought, "Whatever dude, she was probably just excited to be leaving the store!"

And last, but certainly not least...she pulled herself up from a lying to a sitting position! I don't know how she did it. All I know is that I laid her down for her nap, as she began to scream. About 5 minutes later she had quieted so I looked at the video monitor to make sure she was asleep, only to find her sitting up and yanking on her mobile! That was the end of that nap attempt...I had to wait for Jeff to come home to lower her crib mattress. baby is growing up...before long she'll be putting on makeup and asking for a cell phone.