Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Is it REALLY possible that it is Thanksgiving again already?!?!
Every year we alternate between Jeff's family and my family for Thanksgiving.
When we spend the holiday with Jeff's family, it is always held at his Uncle Chuck and Aunt Linda's house, which is about an hour and a half drive from home. We started trading off between the families even before we were married. At first it felt strange...nothing like spending Thanksgiving with my own family. But now as time has gone by and we have the kids...they ARE all my family, and I have such a good time there. I also LOVE the idea that we are making memories for the kids to hold on to forever.
This year "Bunga" and "Papa" took Connor and his cousin Cale with them in the car for some 4-year-old time with the grandparents. So they arrived before we did. When we drove up Connor and Cale had already hit the sandbox.

It was SO cold so we went inside to the playroom for a while...

Connor and Cale got wind of tractor rides outside and that was about it for inside-play!

They have a beautiful HUGE oak tree with a swing...Connor couldn't get enough of it!

Jeff and Dominic took turns pushing.

Dominic decided to give it a try. He asked Uncle Chuck if it was strong enough and was assured that it was. This picture was before the chain snapped...
It didn't take long and not too much ice to have the swing...and Dominic up and running again!

Emma Kate loved watching all of the excitement!!

And of course the yearly Thanksgiving Family Photo...complete with Emma Kate this year, but without Libby (she had Thanksgiving dinner @ Bunga and Papa's house with Allie and Bailey.)
Jeff's Uncle Chuck has an old Model A. Most Thanksgiving's since
Jeff was little his uncle brings out the truck and anyone who wants to gets to ride in the back
through the neighborhood. (Jeff likes to drive, but the rest of us ride in the back.) It also makes for some fun photo ops!

The time came that we had to figure out how we were going to get Emma Kate her afternoon nap...let's take a walk!

She may or may not be sleepy!

We met some friends along the way.

That was right before Connor had a complete meltdown. Usually about this time of day he has an hour of quiet time in his room. He clearly needed this today! At least the meltdown occurred out on our walk and not back at the house. So he and I walked back to the house to have a little quiet/punishment in the van while Jeff and Emma finished their walk. It didn't take long before Connor had a "change of heart."

Surprise! We have naptime! My husband is awesome!

While Emma slept and the boys were busy, a few of us "young adults" took a short trip up to the new casino. Nick, Becki, Jeff, and I hadn't seen it yet, and of course we had to check it out. As remote as Uncle Chuck and Aunt Linda's house is, a few years ago, sadly, a casino was built in clear vision from their house. There is no access to it from their neighborhood, however you look out from their front yard toward the sky...and there it is...this big gray building.

We drove over, hit the bar for a drink, and Nick and I played a couple of hands of BlackJack. Oh, it was a good Thanksgiving!!!

Why did this lady think the turkey hat was ok?!?!

We got back to find that Connor and Cale had become great friends with their 2nd cousins!

They had brought their little quad over to the house...

Time for rides with Uncle Nick!

And a little time with Papa Bob before we headed for home.

Yeah, Connor was pretty much DONE on the way home.

We had such an amazing time that as we left I told Jeff that we should do this every year.

He looked at me with the look that says, "That'll never fly with your family." And he's right. Besides I would miss that too. It just goes to show how much things change. I am so thankful that I have married into a wonderful family. I am thankful for an amazing, action packed day with them, and am so thankful to Uncle Chuck and Aunt Linda for opening their home...and their us!

We were so tired that I flaked on a certain shopping trip with Heidi...sorry Heidi...

this mom can only do so much in one day!


  1. How did I miss this post?? Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! Your kids look so happy, and Emma Kate's hat is precious. Love it.

  2. I feel exactly the way Connor does in the last pic!

  3. That beanie is so cute on Emma! Love her face all lit up light that. :)

  4. I agree with Teegs! Super cute hat on Emma! Such a fun day! And it's okay...sometimes I flake on you when i'm tired. Next year for SURE!