Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday at the Bank

So you would think that a Monday working at the bank would be crazy...not necessarily where I work! Today was SLOW...very...very...SLOW! So slow that I thought I would make our lollipop basket a little fancier! I never thought I'd have to go to work to get a little rest time!

This is Ramon...I LOVE this guy, even if he IS a Raider's fan! He makes me laugh so hard! We have lots of discussions about his recent girlfriends. I give him "motherly" advice, even if he doesn't follow it! Customers always comment that the picture on the wall behind him looks like him in 20 years...I happen to agree!

This is my boss...Miguel and my Teller Supervisor...Perdy. They both came to our branch in the beginning of this year and fit right in. It's so nice to have some good management around there! Miguel has a baby girl about 3 weeks older than Emma, so we have fun comparing stories. Perdy...she's so much fun! We laugh...A LOT!

This is Karina...our accounts person. Though she has only been with us a couple of months, it feels like a couple of a good way! We've gone out as a group twice since she has been working with us and it has been really fun getting to know her better.

This is Corona...she came to our branch while I was on maternity leave. She is so sweet, young, and innocent. Sometimes I have to explain a few of our jokes to her...I LOVE that! She's a full-time-student/part-time teller. In other words...BUSY.

And we have Giant...I call him that because he is both giant and a huge Giant's Fan! That's kind of by default though...his wife is the TRUE fan...he just likes them because she does;) Nonetheless he has ALWAYS seen or heard the game, so I have someone to discuss the up's and down's with...this season...mostly up's!!!! He is also the "go-to" guy around the bank...he reads our intranet religiously and always knows the latest info. His wife also makes some pretty irresistable cookies that often sabatoge my diet...damn her!

(For comparison, I got a picture of him next to Corona, not to be mistaken for Giant's wife.)

The only person missing is Diva. See Halloween Weekend for a picture of her. We've been through a lot at this place together, both personally and professionally.

This whole time of picture-taking we had not one customer.

I thought since I share a lot about my family at home, I'd include my family at work.

After all I DO spend 3 or 4 days out of the 7 with them!

P.S...Names have been changed to protect the identity of these employees!


  1. How awesome to think of your co-workers as a family! I remember feeling that way when I worked at banks... it was great. I don't have that as much anymore and I miss it!

  2. That is hilarious. :) I definitely do not love my co-workers enough to blog about them, haha!