Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hour of Shame

Let me tell you a little about Dominic...14 years old...Freshman in high school...loves computer...loves texting...loves TV...loves playing music, via trumpet or piano. I'm sure there are other loves, but he doesn't share everything with me! Very typical teenage boy. However, he is the kindest, sweetest teenage boy that I have ever met. He has an amazing heart, both for the Lord and for others. I have leaned on him so much this month while Jeff has been working nights. On the days that I work I call him to tell him what to do to get dinner on the table and he does it. He doesn't complain...however I think I can "hear" him roll his eyes as I bring up the dinner topic on the phone! He holds Emma as I try to get dinner served up. She is SO tired at dinner time when I can normally be putting her to bed while Jeff gets things served up.
And he has been patient. He rarely complains that our time together has diminished so much in the last couple of years...actually he is probably grateful that I am so busy. Half the time lately I am the last person he wants to hang out with!

Tonight after getting the "little ones" to bed, I asked Dominic if he wanted to play a game...not just any game...but RISK. Basically you have a board with a map of the world on it. Each player is a different army that is trying to claim all of the territories. I am not very good at this game. Dominic is pretty close to being a genius in my opinion, and is VERY good at it! I am a very competitive person though, which makes me want to run for the hills when HE asks ME to play.
I would have much rather played cards...Rummy perhaps? Now that's a game in which I can beat the pants off of him! But this time wasn't about that...I had to remind myself as he was slowly invading every territory I owned...grrrr! He does get together with some pretty good Risk-players once in a while, so I figured I was giving him practice for playing against them!

I was "red" meaning all of my game pieces were the color red.
You probably can't tell, but there is no red on this board anymore!
And he is happy.

Here are my red men...in what I call "Their little grave."

He was so kind at the end of the game to shake my hand and say, "Good game!"


Then we set this up to give an idea of how the game went...

Dominic loves it when he realizes that I'm about to blog about something.

He's asking to start his own blog...hmmm...

In the spirit of Thanksgiving...I want to Give Thanks to the Lord for Dominic. He is an amazing son.

I LOVE spending time with him when we are not frustrating the h*** out of eachother, even if he is kicking my butt during a board game!


  1. I can't believe you finished the game in an evening. Sometimes it takes DAYS! Dom must be really good. Go here to practice: http://www.game-remakes.com/play.php?id=476

  2. Oh my gosh, I HATE that game. Because I always always lose! But I'm glad you and Dom have something you can do together... 14 year olds (HOW is he 14???) don't generally like hanging out with their moms... you're lucky!

  3. I am really hoping Mason is more into card games when he gets older...