Friday, November 2, 2012

Back to Larry's!

Last December we set out on a new adventure for our Christmas tree and tried Larry's Produce in Fairfield. We had heard that it was a great place to go to for pumpkins as well.
So this year we abandoned our usual Pumpkin Farm and drove out to Larry's.

As far as pumpkins go, it did not disappoint!

So many great photo-ops.
And the pumpkins were so cheap!
All of the big pumpkins, except the very large, long stem ones, were $5!
That's right...FIVE DOLLARS! Even for the really fun, different kinds.
Jeff's parents met us there to see what Larry's was like in the Fall.

They not only had pumpkins...and every other type of produce you can possible imagine...they had a huge hay pyramid for the "kids" to climb on, with a tunnel winding through underneath.

They also had huge "pools" of Indian Corn for the kids to play in and tractor rides...all for FREE!
The kids had fun searching for their pumpkins.
Originally I had told Connor that he couldn't get another one, since he had picked a fairly large one out recently at a school field trip.
But when I saw that they were so cheap, I gave in and let him get another one:)
I know, I'm so nice, aren't I?!?!

We got some silly pics of the kids...

And a pretty nice one too!!

YAY! A family photo as well!

I have to admit that I was a little sad that we didn't go to our traditional Pumpkin Farm and especially that we didn't get pictures in front of the big pumpkin man holding the measuring tape for growth comparisons of the kids every year.
And Connor had a meltdown when we first arrived because he realized we weren't where we usually go. (Ahhh...he's a traditionalist like his Momma!)
But we got over it...especially when the bill for all of this plus 5 waters was only $35!

LOVE Larry's! Not sure if we'll go every year, but it's nice to mix it up once in a while:)
Jeff had to talk me out of driving out to our other farm just to get pics of the kids in front of the pumpkin man. (I'm lucky to have a man of reason in my life.)


  1. Your hair is getting SO long! Look at all those pumpkins! I LOVE the cinderella pumpkins! Great pic of your in laws! And the kids!!

  2. Adorable. Pumpkin pictures are the best!

  3. Thanks to your blog, I'm gonna try Larry's next year!!