Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday Night Dinner Challenge

Tonight we had this for dinner...!
Chicken and Biscuits!
Mmmm.....comfort food.
"Who," might you ask, "made it?"
Good Question...Dominic made dinner tonight!
Tonight marked the first night of our official
Wednesday Night Dinner Challenge!
Here's how it works.
Every Wednesday night (maybe every other...not sure yet)
it's Dominic's responsibility to make dinner.
He finds a recipe that he'd like to try out.
He has a budget...this week it was $25.
He does the grocery shopping for the meal.
(He's allowed to use any ingredients we already have in the house.)
And he cooks it for the whole family.
The only other rules are that dinner has to be ready by 6:00 and
it has to include a vegetable!

How'd he do his first night?
It was yummy and we all had "second's."
It was ready at 6:30 but it was his first time.
And he came in under budget with $20 spent!
I am so excited about our new challenge.
Dominic has always showed an interest in cooking.
And he will be leaving for college in a year and a half!
I am suddenly feeling a rush to teach him the many things he should know before leaving home.
Things to help him live on his own, be a better roommate, boyfriend, and yes, eventually...
Things like...
Doing laundry.
Sewing a button back on his shirt. Or pants.
Living on a budget.
Doing his own grocery shopping.
Yes, the list goes on!
But for now I'll focus on the cooking.
I have to admit Jeff and I enjoyed coming home from work tonight 
 not having to worry about dinner ;)
And I think Dominic was pretty proud!


  1. Such a good idea! Dinner looks so yummy!! Set him up on pintrest then you can try those yummy ones too :))

  2. That is an awesome challenge!! Way to go Dom!

  3. So awesome! Dinner looked amazing! Go Dom!