Monday, November 5, 2012

Good-Bye Mr. Bones

A few Halloween's ago we added a new member to our family.
We decided Mr. Bones would hang out for the month of October in the tree in front of our house every year.
Connor was hesitant at first. (I've mentioned before that he is my fearful child.)
But he got to choose the name for our new family member and Connor soon learned to tolerate his presence.
This year after a few days of Mr. Bones hangin' in the tree, Emma Kate asked if we could take him down to play.
I obliged.
At first Connor looked at her like she was crazy.
"Why do you want to PLAY with him?!?"
Little did we know how fond of  Mr. Bones Emma would become!
Soon he was hangin' out on the couch instead of outside in the tree.
He began playing dress up.
And others joined in on the fun too. 
Emma Kate thought he should try out out her Ariel wig. 
And of course he has to do his daily exercises!
He's lookin' a little thin these days;) 
Mr. Bones went on car rides and shopping trips with the family, and often went with us to take Connor to school.
Emmy likes to ride in the stroller in the morning as we walk Connor to his classroom and many mornings she has insisted Mr. Bones ride along.
Now let me just say here that 2 children ago I would never have let something like this happen.
It's October right?!?!
Of course a sweet little 2 year old girl is going to carry a skeleton around with her!
She got lots of interesting looks and some fun comments over the last few weeks.
All the while I just shook my head and giggled. That girl cracks me up!
(She did draw the line at bedtime. He could not sleep in her room with her. Ha! Every girl has her limits right?!?!)
But it's now time I put my foot down.
It is no longer October and now I'm thinkin' it's time Mr. Bones goes to sleep till next year.
One last story time for Mr. Bones...
Wish me luck!
Maybe we can find her a turkey this month;)


  1. Oh my gosh... that is hilarious! Mr. Bones-- so cute.

  2. This is so funny!!! Too cute!! See you tomorrow!!

  3. Ha ha ha ha!! That is awesome!!! :)

  4. Awesome storyline! Love the Schwab antics!