Saturday, November 17, 2012

Halloween 2012

I know, I know...Halloween was a couple weeks ago already!
I'm a little behind.
But, you see, the flu ran it's course through our house hard and strong.
It all began with me the night before Halloween.
During the night I tossed and turned with an upset tummy, not sure if I was really getting sick or I was just really worried I was getting sick.
When I got out of bed that morning, it hit me.
I know when I can't drink my morning coffee...
Fortunately I had the day off work.
Unfortunately it was Halloween and Halloween was not going to sit around and wait for me to get better.
Jeff took off for work and I mustered everything inside me to make Connor's lunch and get everyone ready for the day.
After I dropped Connor off I headed over to my parents' place for some help with Emmers and maybe a little down time.
Not much of a success.
And not long before it was time to head back to school for Connor's costume parade.
PLEASE GOD...don't let me throw up in front of hundreds of children!
( I seriously took a Ziploc Bag just in case!)
I made it through, but Emma wanted to just climb all over me as I sat on the asphault, watching the kids. I really just wanted to go home to bed, in the dark...ALONE!
But these kids were pretty darn cute.
I just loved the series of shots I got of Connor and some of his buddies.
(I know...Super Mom...ehhh? I got pictures too!)
I did call J to come home early from work.
Thank God he got home in time to pick Connor up from school.
And I rested a little before it was time to head to Nick and Beck's for our annual Trick or Treating with the cousins.
I managed to remember all the pieces to the kids' costumes..
We have Darth Vader... 
And Ariel... 
I did forget their really cute treat bags. Fortunately family has a way of coming through with back-up's.
Now for more costumes...
Cale was Darth also!
And Corben...
well he was also going to be Darth Vader but at the last minute he whipped out
his doctor dress up outfit...
I love that kid! 
All the kids, including neighbors, and C&C's cousins from the other side of the family... 
Libby, AKA "Pumpkin," got in on the action too. 
I know this next picture is blurry, but I love how it shows Emma Kate's excitement.
She was INTO IT this year!
It was so fun to watch the kids. I think I enjoyed this year the most so far...
and that's saying a lot considering I wanted to hurl my guts into the bushes.
(Sorry for the visual, but that's reality folks.)

Emma's little tushy was pretty stinkin' hilarious in that Ariel costume, I couldn't pass up a picture of the back of her.

It was a very, very successful night.
The kids were super happy with their loot at the end of the evening. 
We left their house and stopped by church for the tail end of their Harvest Carnival too.
I know, we're a little crazy.
And I think the kids got as much candy there in 30 minutes as they collected the whole rest of the night!
Oh, BTW Dom ditched us for his friends.
Shocker...we are so exciting!
Side Note: Dominic wore his Nachum costume from his "beggar" part in Fiddler on the Roof  to school the day after Halloween so he could wear it to his favorite classes.
He was actually called into the Principal's Office for "not being sensitive to homeless people."
Dominic was both completely freaked out, having never been called into The Office before, and mortified that anyone had thought he was making fun of the homeless.
And on a Side, Side note...if you thought anything you saw on Halloween was scary, be glad you were NOT at my house the following week!
One by one, we were all knocked down by the flu.
On a positive note...I got it first so the whole time I was caring for everyone else, I wasn't worried I would catch it!
We were followed by Scott's family...and my dad got it too.


  1. First of all, these pictures are adorable, and you ARE amazing for getting them while being so sick.

    And second of all.... not sensitive to the homeless??! That's ridiculous!

  2. Awww, so glad you all are feeling better!!! You are a rockstar for battling thru!