Tuesday, October 23, 2012

T-W-E-N-T-Y Years!!

A few short weeks ago we attended Jeff's 20 Year High School Reunion.
That's right...
TWENTY YEARS AGO he graduated from high school.
I have to say that settling in the same area in which we grew up has some benefits.
We didn't have far to drive.
The reunion was held at a local hotel and
we thought, "What the heck, let's stay the night!"
(I swear, the hotel is 3 miles away!)
But we had friends in from out of town and we don't EVER get "party time" with Scott and Shawna, so we wanted to get as much out of our time as possible.
As reunions go...it, in and of itself, was ok.
I feel the need to include a bit of history here.
Please excuse the redundancy if you have known me forever...
I am 4 years behind Jeff in school, so he graduated as I entered high school.
Therefor we have...almost...no friends in common.
However...I did meet Jeff through my brother, Scott.
Scott was a really cool brother during high school ;) (either that or I was just a super cool sister)
(P.S. I have many friends who would agree to his coolness...ehh..hemm)
so he frequently let me hang with him and his friends.
Which also leads me to Matt...Matt and Scott met in Middle School and continued on for many years of education together. Matt is like a second brother to me and though he and his family live miles and miles away, we remain close.
That all being said, I was excited to see some of Scott's old friends from back in the day,
SUPER excited to hang with Matt and his wife Mistia, and party with my bro and SIL.
All wrapped up in a Date Night with my hubby!
Here are the guys...oh how I wish I could find a picture almost like this one from 20 years ago!
Matt and Mistia are two of the sweetest people I have ever met. EVER. 
The 6 of us had adjoining rooms and were all set with some beverages and snacks. 
I got a new dress for the occasion...
And we were ready for fun.
If you have never met Matt before...aside from being sweet, he is HILARIOUS!
Whenever we are with him we can't stop laughing, like the "I am crying, my stomach hurts, and oops, I may have just peed a little!" kind of laughing. 

(I think those pictures say it all!)
We had an amazing time!
There were several trips throughout the night back up to our rooms to refresh our beverages.
(We all agreed that our trips to the room were the best part of the night. Again...nonstop laughing!)
And I think our men had the hottest wives of all;)
Oh yeah, and we can't forget the after-party snacks!
It's only been a few weeks and I'm ready to do it again...
minus the reunion.
Matt and Mistia COME BACK!!!


  1. Love this post! Love those guys! Love their awesome wives, too!

  2. So much fun!! Great company and LOVE your dress!! :)

  3. You look so great! Love your dress!! Love Shawna's dress too!! So much fun!

  4. Duuude! Can we say HOT mama?! Wow!!! I bet Jeff has made you wear that dress every night since... ;)

  5. Great post sister!! Love the shots! And the pictures are great too !! Lol and for the great bother nod... I too have enjoyed our relationship since you were about 17 or 18!! That was a super fun night. Do you think there will be a 21 year anniversary??