Monday, October 8, 2012

Missing Pleasantville

2 Weeks ago today I left my hubby and kids for a full 60 hours, and
arrived in Pleasantville. My friend, L. Shanna, lives in Pleasantville, with her hubby, 2 kids, and her dog, Dan.
You see, I grew up with L. As in...I met her on the first day of Pre-School...type of growing up together.
We have gone through a lot over the years.
1st lost tooth.
1st Dance.
1st Bra.
Same basketball team.
1st Boyfriend.
Play Performances.
The list goes on. And on.
L. has moved around a lot.
And I have moved...a little bit.
L. has been in Pleasantville for a couple years now.
I have heard many stories about her life there and have longed to go visit.
This year after the birth of her second little cutie, I decided this was the time to go.
And it couldn't have been more perfect.

I was greeted by some of the sweetest faces I have ever seen!

Little Aaron wasn't too much a fan of me.
However I think he is pretty awesome!
(This was my first time getting to meet that little gift from God.)
AB and I hit it off though.
We had lots of playtime and she started calling me, "Teacher."

Dan the Man is pretty cool too.
L. really has 3 kids...
Dan lives the life of luxury.

We didn't do anything extraordinary. I told her I wanted to just hang, experience her everyday life.
Soak in some girl time and as much of her little ones as I possible could.
We played and played and played.
I got to experience bath time.
Bed time.
Nap time.
AB's Music Class.
A couple yummy meals out on the town.
Some yummy home-made meals by L., herself.
(She cooks! When did that happen?!?!)
And we walked around the lake.
Did I say it was perfect?!?!
Like 70 degrees perfect.
L. says that I got lucky with some pretty awesome weather.
And I have to agree.

It's tricky walking around the whole lake with 2 little ones.
But we did it!
We even came across a little elf house... 
So cute.
I guess children write letters and leave it with the elf that lives in the tree and he responds.
L. thinks maybe he locked up for the winter.

On the way home as I reflected on my trip (P.S. I can't remember the last time I had so much "alone" time!) I realized that I have never really seen L. in action as a mom before my visit. Little snipits here and there, but usually when she is in town it's for a wedding, a girls' weekend, or something of the sort.
Can I just say that she is Super Mom in my book?!?!
She has 2 under the age of 2.
Which alone, makes her Super Mom.
But she is so good with those kids!
She is so loving and has found an amazing balance with everything.
Which I guess is not too hard when you look at these faces everyday;) .....

When I think about what L has been through this past year, with the craziest pregnancy I have ever heard of, and quite possibly one of the scariest deliveries...
I am so thankful to have her in my life.
She is an amazing wife, mother, and friend.
She's also pretty awesome with Instagram!
So with her in mind, I reset my Instagram account
and included a couple of my pics... 

Who would've thought as we played in Mrs. Layne and Mrs. Grant's classroom or smelled Mrs. Evans's tuna fish sandwiches at lunch that we'd be here today, with families of our own...and still sharing memories.

Thanks for a great visit!
I miss you already:(


  1. So glad you go to visit! Cute Babies! Love all the pics!

  2. Thanks a lot, Laura! Start my Tuesday morning off with a good cry! My favorite part of the trip was sitting on the couch and telling old stories... what a ride it's been.

    FYI, Anna still refers to you as Teacher. Love you!

  3. So fun!! Love all the pics!!

  4. I'm cracking up that you counted the "hours". :) What did Jeff do without you??? Love the Instagram pics! WHY don't I have your user name? That lake looks amazing. Sounds like it was the perfect trip. :)

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