Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back To School 2012

This past week marked the beginning of another school year!
Dominic has officially begun his Junior Year of High School.
Wow! He is such a man.
Such a man that my big goodbye on the first day was said on the curb right before he hopped in his truck to drive himself to school. *Sigh* 
Connor started 1st grade. Yay! I still get to drive him to school!
This is his first year of being at school ALL day.
Thursday (my day off) seemed like it dragged on forever, as I waited to pick him up at 2:55!
Connor has been complaining the last couple of years about the sun being in his eyes while taking the annual picture by the tree.
So in an attempt to see what he really looks like these days, we moved to the front door:(
Here's my big boy after finding his seat in the classroom.
 This year Connor got the most popular 1st Grade Teacher at our school.
So far she lives up to her reputation...he loves her! 
And well, Emma Katers wants to go to school like her brothers!
After school on Thursday she decided to grab CoCo's shoes, socks (yuck!) and backpack to try on for size.
She thought she was pretty hot stuff and "ready for school!"
So it's back to just the girls on our Tuesday's and Thursday's again.
It'll be another year before Emmers starts Pre-School, so for now we have Tuesday's reserved for playdates, shopping, errands, etc...
And we're starting gymnastics on Thursday's!
Yeah! Mommy gets to do something "girly!"
(Not that boys can't do gymnastics...just that MY boys never did.
You know what I mean!)
And since we're talking about the end of Summer, you might be wondering how Dominic did on his
He only missed 2 DAYS!
Go Dom!
So his 1st day of school (ok...let's be honest...I forgot on the 1st day, it was really his 2nd) also included earning 23 Bucks!
OK it's not much, but it's $23 more than he had before.
I'll keep you posted on whether or not making his bed is a new habit.
(So far he's only not made it 1 day since his payout. Without my asking for it to continue;)
We have lots planned for this school year...
We'll be taking a couple trips to look at colleges for Dom.
Connor's learning to read.
And Emmy is still workin' on that potty.
Here's to another year!


  1. Wow! They're all growing up so fast!! Sniff, sniff... I CAN NOT wait to hear about your trips to look at colleges!!!!

  2. I've been thinkig about that bed making challenge... maybe if he doesn't make his bed put stuff in it, like bread crumbs and other annoying stuff.

  3. He looks like an ADULT. So scary! Emma is hilarious. :) I can't wait to see you use that photo at her high school graduation party. :)

  4. NANA LOVES THE PICS. They're growing up so fast!

  5. I remember Dominic's adorable answering machine message where he sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" on Rose's telephone when she lived in her first condo. He seems to still embody that same good sprit now! (From Summer)