Friday, October 12, 2012

Premier Parking

The school year is in full swing.
Even though Dominic drives himself to and from school,
(making life so much less hectic) I am still adjusting to juggling Emma's naptime and
picking up Connor from school.
Not to mention that the traffic at school is absolutely dreadful!
However, do you remember this post? Yup, that's the one where I bid on
A PARKING SPOT at the school auction!
I thought I'd never live that down.
I thought that I'd never stop feeling like an idiot for spending 200 DOLLARS
on a parking spot.
Don't you LOVE the sign?
I didn't use it the 1st few weeks, thinking there was no way I was going to be able to
even get to it, the traffic is so bad..

Then I chose a day where I didn't have to be anywhere at any particular time, and took a chance.
Ahhhh...How sweet it is!
I now use it to drop Connor off in the morning.
And as all the cars are lined up for pickup in the afternoon,
I get to bypass them all...
and park right up front!
The Buyer's Remorse is gone.
I may have to get to that auction every year.
Budget every month to save for this little gem;)
It is worth EVERY penny. And I can't imagine the next....
8 years of parking at that school without it.


  1. I TOLD you! I was so jealous of your action win! You TOTALLY scored!

  2. Get your wallet ready for the next auction!

  3. Best purchase ever! There is a reserved spot at Kate's school for the auction winner, but it goes for over $1000!!!!!! CRAZY!!!

  4. That's awesome! Who would have thought??? :)

  5. That's awesome!! By the way, my mom LOVED using the Schwab parking spot when she picked up Connor the other day! :)