Sunday, March 25, 2012

Number 93 Has Won!

Last night we attended the annual school auction for Connor's elementary school.
We've been to TWO auctions before, those of Dominic's Junior High, which were put on by the Leadership students, and might I add...were very nice.

This one was different, held at a local hotel, with very fancy dress attire, which I was surprised by.
Actually there were many things I was surprised by!

Firstly, I was surprised by how much this little number got us in "trouble!"
(OK maybe it was me...that got us in trouble...ehhh...We'll blame it on the number.)

The evening started with the Silent Auction.
I was all ready for this...I'm a pro!
I wore my comfy heels to allow for some stompin' to get my bids in at the last minute.

(Second surprise: Those moms can dress up! I didn't even recognize a lot of them from their normal sweats and tossled morning, well, as Heidi could relate..."prom dresses!"
I felt under dressed in my dressy jeans and shimmery aqua top.)

Jeff just stood by, watched, and laughed as I fought my way through, and teasingly fought for what I wanted.

Third Surprise: We won all 3 of our silent auction bids!
Oops...didn't plan that one!
I guess I got a little too excited;)
So we won the ice cream package, complete with Baskin Robbins and Cold Stone gift cards.

We also won the movie and dessert package.
(4 movie tickets and 4 gift cards for frozen yogurt.)

 And lastly...6 "free" bowling passes, shoe rental included!...and a gift certificate to one of our favorite restaurants.

Finally it was time to settle in for dinner and the Live Auction.
This part...I'm not such a pro at.
But we were ready for some fun, sitting at a table with one other couple, who we knew, and 3 others, I have never seen before in my life...except I think I may have elbowed one of the ladies during the silent auction;)

After 2 glasses of wine, and the announcement that the Live Auction was going to begin, I got our "Number" ready to raise in the air, joking that we could jack the bid up higher early on.
"Let the bidding beg..!"
I raised my number high in the air and couldn't get it down before hearing,
"We have 100...200...thank you Number 93...Do I hear 300?"



Me: For the love of God...someone please bid 300!

"Sold to number 93 for 200!"

You may be laughing now...
but just wait...
You may ask, "What did you get for 200 dollars?"

Are you ready?

I got Preferred Parking for the whole 2012-2013 school year.

"What does this mean," you may ask.

It means, that there will be a parking spot right next to the office, with a plaque on the fence above...
that reads,
"Reserved for
Schwab Family"

Oh yeah. You still may be laughing.

But who will be laughing when I roll up on the first day of school
in my Swagger Wagon with Bible Tunes bumpin' on the stereo, sportin' my shades, and roll open
the sliding door to let Connor out for school.

Oh yeah...who'll be laughin' then?!?!

So when Connor got up this morning, I didn't tell him I won him an Ice Cream Party for his class, or lunch with his teacher...
"Honey, I got you a parking spot!"

Lesson Learned!


  1. They definitely knew what they were doing when they served wine at that auction! Hilarious!

  2. Dude. That parking space is WORTH $200 dollars! My bet is you bid again next year on the same item. Money well spent!!

  3. Heidi knows how important that spot is! Hehe.

  4. That is awesome!! It's amazing what a little wine will do... :) Enjoy your parking spot next year!

  5. That is hilarious! The other prizes are awesome too. :)

  6. Good one! Nice writing! fun stuff