Saturday, May 7, 2011

Something Old, Something New

Every once in a while my hubby surprises me and takes a day off work during the week. A couple of weeks ago he did this and I had a little surpise of my own...

I said, "Let's go to some Antique Stores!"

My husband almost fell over! (I have never been a fan of antique shopping, unlike my hubby, who loves it!) He couldn't get out of the house fast enough...he kept saying, "Hurry, before you change your mind!"

While we were out, we found some treasures...yes we did!

I prefer to call them Vintage treasures instead of Antique:)

A fun bright yellow kitchen scale...the needle is broken, but I am only using it for decoration and you can't really tell with it up on top of my kitchen cabinets. I love the bright yellow against the aqua color of the my kitchen walls.

I also found this 1940's plant stand.

For what, you ask...Emma Kate's room. I want to use it to hang dress up things, scarves, purses, etc...

And finally...Connor found some treasures as well! He found these train photos.

Good find Buddy!

We matted them and purchased new frames for them.

We didn't exactly get killer deals on this stuff! But it was a lot of fun.

Jeff is anxiously awaiting trips back to places such as Fort Bragg and Monterrey, where in the past I have refused to accompany him on his ventures into these little shops...

Thank you to my friends who have posted on vintage findings of your inspired me to step out of my box and try something new.

I guess we do change a little as we get older ;)