Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gettin' Loose

"His teeth look great...and he has a loose tooth!"

These are the words Connor's dentist said to me as he finished up his appointment yesterday afternoon. I'm not sure which statement I was more excited about.

I can definitely tell you which statement Connor was more excited about!

One of his girl friends (not to be mistaken for his "girlfriend") recently has had a loose tooth, so before we even got to the car, he was asking to call her to tell her that he too, was part of the loose tooth club. This phone call was followed by a handful more to family members to share the exciting news.

And so the wiggling began!

Woohoo Connor! I am so excited for you buddy!


  1. Stop growing, Connor!! Love that picture... he's so excited!

  2. Connor is NOT old enough for a loose tooth! I'd like to live in denial please.. :)

  3. What? How is he old enough to be losing teeth???

    (Um, and what does the Tooth Fairy pay these days? Lol)

  4. That is so fun!! Exciting for connor!

  5. A loose tooth? I was still losing teeth in high school.