Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Cale!

I know I already posted today but I felt that I needed a separate post for this special event. As I mentioned in my previous post, this past Saturday we went to my nephew's birthday party. Cale is 2 months older than Connor and they love to spend time together. So of course there is NO WAY we would miss his party!
Cale was in to all things fireman forever. And then it seemed as though overnight he decided he loved Spiderman. So Spiderman party it was!

Becki created her own "Pin the Spider on the Web" game, complete with laminated spiders containing each child's name.

These were the kids' food tables...

Cale insisted on a cake. Ice Cream Cake. Instead of cupcakes this year.

As I've mentioned before...their backyard is a child's wonderland.

Notice the Spiderman Speedway sign on the back of the trike.

Emma Kate couldn't give up the ball long enough to swing.

As if things weren't fun enough....

Dominic made his debut appearance as...none other than...


He showed up through the back fence, surprising everyone!
Oh my goodness! It was awesome! I almost peed my pants! I think Dominic has discovered another way to raise some extra cash for gas starting next year ;)

Connor was so scared that he ran inside the house and watched from a window for a little while.

Finally Connor warmed up to him.

Spiderman played games with the kids.

Spiderman finally broke open the pinata with one swing after all the kids took several whacks at it.

Spiderman gave some climbing tips (of course without talking!)

Spiderman pushed the kids in the hammock (or rather his web.)

And finally took pictures with all the kids, both individually and in groups.

Emma Kate wanted NOTHING to do with him.

Spiderman was such a hit! I cannot even tell you the joy on those kids' faces!

It was a party I will definitely remember forever.

Happy Birthday Cale!

I am so glad you had such a fun time!


  1. Siderman is Awesome!

    Go Dominic! HOW FUN!!!

  2. Did Dom do that on his own??? So awesome!! I love that! What a good cousin/nephew. :)

  3. That picture of Connor sitting in the window is hilarious! That Becki sure can throw a party :)

  4. That is an awesome party! And I LOVE that Dominic was Spiderman!!!

  5. How did you make the pin the spider on the web?

  6. Great idea! What did you use to get the spiders to stick on the wall. I like this idea and would like to do it in the park. Possible sticking it on a tree.