Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh The Things They Say!

A few nights ago Connor and I were talking at bedtime about the 10 Commandments...
More specifically about the 2nd Commandment:

Do not worship any other God but the one true God.

I asked Connor what this meant to him.

He said, "I think it not go to church in any other state."

WHAT? Where do they get this stuff?!?!

That same night we lay down for some snuggle time. I was singing to him when suddenly he interrupted with...

"Ugghhh! Your breath!"

Oh Connor...your honesty kills me sometimes!

Maybe I should start brushing my teeth before I put Connor to bed...the poor kid!


  1. I love it. :) Don't you wish you could follow along and see how their brains work? Lol

  2. Ha ha ha! I LOVE the things that boy has to say! :)