Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Recent Adventures of Emma Kate

Since Emma Kate started REALLY walking these past couple of weeks, she has been one busy girl!

She loves phones, backpacks, purses, necklaces...and anything else that can hang from one's body!

Connor's backpack, Mommy's cell...

Mommy's purses...

(She kept heading to the door like she was ready to go.)

She is also discovering lots of new fun things to do.

Like rock in the rocker we've had since Dominic was little...

(Note the necklace hanging from the arm of the chair...Connor made it in Sunday school

and Emma has since taken it over.)

Dominic's old kitchen set...

She just loves to put things in behind the different doors. Close the door. Open the door. Pull object out. Repeat.

Playing "house" with Connor.

And a new love of basketball...oh yeah! Mommy's fave!

(Have I mentioned the Strawberry collection at Gymboree?!?!)

I have to say that I don't think I ever looked that cute while playing ball:)

Needless to say...I am loving every second of this little girl!

OK. Maybe not every second.

She did cry for over an hour trying to go to sleep tonight:(


  1. She's growing up so fast!!

  2. That strawberry hat is killin' me. So cute!

  3. I love all of Emma Kate's cute wardrobe! Fun!