Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter Weekend: Part 2

Easter morning we woke up early to check out the cookies we had left in the oven over night...Connor bit into his cookie only to find that the middle was hollow...empty...just like the tomb! We all rejoiced and read aloud the story of Easter.

Of course this was all after checking out what the Easter bunny had brought for the kids...

All of you with young children...just wait...the Easter Bunny has a hard time with teenagers. They're hard to impress on a budget.

On the flip side, Connor was thrilled with his new Woody doll! Buzz now has a friend!

And Emma Kate is so loving baby dolls and clothes!

Even Libby got a little snuggly lamb.

I love that Connor is still wearing his Christmas jammies on Easter:)

After church we ran home to pick up food, etc.. and headed to the Heiden Jr's house for brunch. I was very disappointed that it was raining and gloomy.

But by the time we were finished eating, the sun had come out and it was perfect outside!

We left about 2:15...just in time to get home, put the littles down for their afternoon naps for about an hour, put together a fruit platter, and get to the Hansons' house by 4.

Whew! I love that we live so close to all of our family...but it sure does make for some busy holidays!

However, once we get to the Hansons' is pure relaxation! A glass of wine in hand and a chair in the backyard to watch the kids have a blast! I love going to their house. Their yard is a children's dream!

First off...Egg hunt! (The next door neighbor came to join the boys in the fun.)

We also scattered eggs on the grass for Corben and Emma Kate.

Yeah! All 3 of them! Even if they aren't all looking at the camera.

Emma is stealing the flower pot from the fire house!

Run Emma, Run!

Corben's off on a ride...

Somehow water always gets involved...

Even the dogs had a great Easter.

Oh it was a good day! Lots of family. Lots of food. Lots of dirt.

Happy Easter! Hope your day was filled with the same;)