Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mother's Tea

Monday morning Connor's Pre-School invited all of the mother's for a "Mother's Tea." I took the morning off so I could attend.
Oh My Goodness! They should have called it "The Mother's Tear Fest." It started with a blessing of the mothers, which was followed by a slideshow. It showed a baby picture as well as a current picture of each child. They had it all put to music and it was entitled, "How Fast They Grow." There wasn't a dry eye in the room. Then the children came in and performed for us. I wish I had Connor on video as he walked in, scanning the group furiously to find where I was sitting! He was so cute!

After the performance we went across to the parish hall for our tea party. All of us moms had brought our own tea cups...the teachers provided the cookies and tea...everything was decorated and the kids were all dressed up...Connor was so excited!

Each of the children had written a poem that was on the back of these cards:
Mine read:

Funny: Pretty
I like to build Duplos with her.
I love you this much!


I love that face...even if it looks as though it has been through a war zone! I think he has 3 scrapes and a bruise right now!

We had such a fun time together that morning. It's not very often that he gets me all to himself anymore...or should I say...that I get him to myself! And that slideshow really made me stop and reflect on how fast the time does go by. It really does seem like yesterday that he was my little butterball baby boy. And now this Fall he's off to Kindergarten! It makes me both happy and sad at the same time. I'm going to miss our Tuesday/Thursday activities together:(
We get so caught up in the business of the every day stuff. I need to remind myself to stop, slow down, and enjoy these years.

On a side note: The other day Connor was asking me what year Daddy and I got married...
After I replied, "2003." He asked me, "Was that during the Bible Times?"
I almost spit out my tea! I LOVE THAT KID!


  1. Funny! So cute. How awesome is the school for doing a Mother's tea?? Love that!

  2. Adorable!!! Love the comment about the bible times! My niece told me a town we drove thru last weekend was "very looked like it was from the 90s"! Ha!

  3. Bible times!! So funny!! And I agree. You ARE Funny: Pretty.