Friday, March 18, 2011

Meet Daisie

If you don't know this already...we are a huge dog family. Jeff's parents have always had dogs and I grew up with dogs in the house as well. Jeff's parents' dog, Allie, passed away a couple of months ago. Dominic was just a toddler when Allie joined the family as a puppy. We were all very sad to lose Allie, except for Libby, our dog. (Allie was always kind of a bully to her. So after Allie was gone, Libby was like, "Woohoo! The old Grandma is gone!" ) Bailey, Jeff's sister's dog, mourned the loss of Allie...seriously...vomiting and all. He's a sensitive guy!

Everyone needed a "pick me up" so it only took a few weeks for my In Law's to find a new puppy.

Meet Daisie.
(Spelled with an "ie" just like all of their other dogs who's names have ended with the "ey" sound.)

She is so soft and fluffy, and is all black with one little white spot on her chest.
Libby is very excited and LOVES to play with the new puppy! I would have gotten a picture of them together, but they don't stay still for longer than a second, to capture them together.
Bailey continues to mourn and does not want anything to do with the new pup.

The kids are very excited as well.

Welcome to the family Daisie! We love you already.


  1. What a cutie! We ALMOST got a puppy this week too. It's inevitable, I'm sure...

  2. Yay! And poor Bailey! Good friends are hard to come by :)

  3. So cute! I'm scared of getting a dog.... No, I'm not scared of dogs, I'm scared of the extra work and that we won't be able to give it enough attention with our hectic lives.