Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GNO: Birthday Edition

Monday night was GNO with my small group from church. 4 of us girls got together almost 2 years ago and have formed some very special friendships. Often times we get together to watch the Batchelor or Batchelorette. But monthly we get together for our GNO, actually most of the time it's GNI! And I spend Tuesday exhausted from staying out too late...we definitely have the gift of gab!
2 of us have birthdays in March and 2 of us have birthdays in June...so we center our GNO's those 2 months around our birthdays.

This month we celebrated Andrea and my birthdays by going to BJ's. (Last year I missed our birthday celebration because I was in the emergency room for Dominic's worst coughing attack. He has come so far this last year!) So I was really excited about this one! The birthday celebration was complete with wine, dessert, and presents!

I know I've mentioned it before. Get used to it:) I'll say it over and over again...

I am so blessed to have such amazing girlfriends in my life...some entered my life long, long ago. And some more recently.

Some live close and some...very far away.

I cherish each and every one of you.