Monday, March 28, 2011

4 Minus 2 Equals 2!

On Sunday we were at a loss as to what we could do as a family. A typical dilemma we face with a high schooler, pre-schooler, and toddler. What to do...that everyone will enjoy...

So I suggested that we pack up the boys' bikes and head to the big open parking lot at the local junior college. But first...something had to be done about these beat up training wheels...literally almost nothing is left of them!

So Jeff took them off Connor's bike and we headed out.

Connor was a little nervous about only riding on 2 wheels...

But it only took...maybe 10 minutes (at most)...before Connor was off on his own!

And I do have to say...that having Dominic bring his bike was pretty genius! We sat back and relaxed with Emma Kate while the boys rode around this huge parking lot. (The same parking lot in which we plan to take Dominic out driving in a few months!)

Dominic really enjoyed being able to take a special part in this event and Connor felt so proud that he could ride like a Big Boy with his Big Brother. Once in a while Connor would fall. Dominic would get off his bike, get Connor rolling again, and then catch up to him. It was a proud moment for all!

I LOVE this next picture!

Here he comes!

Emma Kate crawled around on the ground while she waited...

for her turn...not really...but she did get to sit up there for a minute. OK, 10 seconds.

The proud Daddy and 4-year-old!

Congratulations Connor!

No I didn't cry this time.

But I was beaming with pride!


  1. Sorry, I couldn't read past the sentence about Dominic... driving?!

  2. Fun! It's supposed to be in the 70's this week, we are sooo busting out the bikes. You need one of those seats on the back for Emma! Mason loves it because he can kick me in the butt while we ride. :)

  3. Love it!!! And oh my gosh...Dominic driving???? He CANNOT be old enough to drive...a car!

  4. Way to go Connor! I am *hoping* we can take off Kate's by the end of this summer! Great idea to go to an empty parking lot!