Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy 7th Coco

Hey bud, it's me again.
Another year has come and gone.
Last night you went to sleep a 6-year-old.
And today you woke up...7!
Every year I wonder how this could be...how another year could've passed so quickly.
How each day goes by in a blink of an eye.
I really wish I could slow down the clock.
I know these years with you are so precious and life can be so busy...even for a little guy like you.
I think that's why you always see my face from behind the camera and past the flash.
I want to capture everything, for fear that I will someday forget what you were like.
You have this spirit about you that I have never seen before.
You are passionate about life, and let me tell you...
it's not always convenient!
Let's take a little look at who you are today...
There's a lot that is the same since last year, and even years before...
You LOVE trains.
You LOVE Legos.
You LOVE people.
You are still as outgoing as ever.
You still look like your daddy.
You LOVE baseball...more and more as the days go by.
You're still fearful of a lot of things, however...you will go on a carousel now!
(But I don't think we'll be going to Disneyland again any time soon.)
You are a protective big brother and an idolizing little brother.
And your smile lights up a room!
You have learned how to read and you LOVE books...
particularly The Magic Treehouse books.
Your favorites are Revolutionary War on Wednesday and Civil War on Sunday.
You finally sleep through the night...yes, that's a recent event!
But you are up at least an hour every night at bedtime reading by the light of your little lantern.
You often can be found playing Legos or the WII.
Or playing catch with Dad.
Here is a list of fave's when asked a couple days ago...
Sport: Baseball
Team: The Giants
Food: Hot Dogs (with mustard and ketchup...ketchup on everything!)
Dessert: Monster Cookie Ice Cream
Thing To Do at School: Recess
Subject: Recess Reading
Toy: Lego Star Wars
Color: Red
Car: a Chevy!
Shoes to wear: flip flops..."Their names are 'Flip' and 'Flop.'"
Number: 100
Friend: Cale!
When asked what you want to do when you grow up...
"I want to be a train conductor and a Giants baseball player!"
Well sweetie, whatever you want to do when you grow up...
let's not rush it ok!
However you aren't always a picnic!
In fact you have become quite mouthy lately and I see faces like this a lot...
Or no face at all...thank you very much! 
I often have to remind myself that it's your job to test the boundaries and this is the age when you are supposed to be doing this stuff.
But it drives me crazy!!!
And the "Potty Talk!"
If I hear another "butt" comment or "PooPoo" this and that, I think I'm gonna send you to your room for the rest of your life!
You think burping and farting are hilarious.
If I had a quarter for every time...!
(But we won't tell anyone that sometimes Mommy lets loose and we have burping contests lying in bed at bedtime. Why you laugh so hard when I do it is beyond me! And I'm sure there will be a time when you can burp louder than me. Keep working on it. In the confines of your own bedroom!)
*I am a refined woman!*
All that being said, I know that none of that will last forever.
And as big as you're getting, you are still my little boy.
You have so much ahead of you and I am excited for what this year brings and many, many more.

Happy Birthday Coco!!!


  1. I still can't believe Connor is 7. What a handsome little guy. :) I think he looks so much like YOU, Laura!

  2. So handsome. And yes, even though he looks a lot like Jeff, I'm seeing more of YOU in him, too. The years go by so quickly! Happy Birthday, Connor!

  3. Love all those pics! Your potty talk comment had me laughing out loud! Happy Birthday Con-Dog!