Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy 4th!

Our Fourth this year started as it usually does with a parade at my in-law's neighborhood park.
By parade, I mean the kind of parade where all the kids decorate their bikes, scooters, etc...and follow behind the local fire truck around the block.
It's so cute to see all the neighbors come out of their houses, waving their flags and saying hi to the kids as they pass by.
Here's our clan...!
(So sad that my hubby had to work the first half of the day and missed all of this...)
There is also a decorating contest...
We cleaned house this year!
Emmy won the trike category! 
Cousin Cale won the bike category. 
...And Libby won best pet!!!
See her stars?!?!
She looked so cute! 
(My SIL, Becki, and I have been taking notes the last couple years and stepped up our decorating game this year. So maybe we're a little competitive.)
Coco was a little bummed that he didn't win anything:( 
And if there was a face painting contest...maybe Dom...?! 
Notice Dom's shirt...the only red item in his wardrobe.
After the parade the neighborhood association puts on a really fun BBQ, complete with games and prizes...for all age groups. 
Emma Kate and Corben participated in the ball toss.
Everyone won prizes. 
Cale and Connor got in on tons of sack races. 
And they won!
(Those two are so cute together!) 
It was a very full morning and our kiddos were pretty worn out. 

So, home we went for rest time.
We spent the afternoon over and Scott and Shawna's.
Sadly I have no pictures with them:(
This may or may not be due to the fact that the drinks were flowing.
And no 4th is complete for the Schwab's without going to see the fireworks!

As busy and fun filled as the day can be, the fireworks show always brings everything together, allowing for some time to sit and be thankful for our freedom.


  1. And this just goes to show...there is never a time that Krispy Kreme isn't appropriate! :) Love the decorations!!

  2. I want a neighborhood bike parade sooo bad! That's it, next year, it's on.