Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Best Park...EVER!

Have you ever been to Oak Meadow Park in Los Gatos?!
It's a little far for us, but totally worth it for a little excursion to wear out the kids.
Sure, it has your run-of-the-mill-playground with swings and slides...
But it also has a train, a fire truck, and an old airplane for climbing.
Yes, a real airplane! (Not pictured. Sorry.)
As we sat and ate lunch we thought of the possibilities for this park.
It would be perfect for bringing the grandparents and cousins!
There is so much open space for a family baseball game, picnicing, birthday parties... 
And the best part about this park for my family...
The Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad. 
We are always up for a train ride!
And surprisingly...we only rode it once. 
And then there's the carousel!
This is the 3rd time I have visited this carousel and it's always a little nostalgic...
The first time I rode it was when Dominic was about 18 months old.
Emmy was on board right away! 
But my little Coco...
Finally got on!!
My little buddy has such a fearful heart but today he overcame his fear of carousels.
He loved it!
And rode it a few times!
(Clearly he is not as thrilled as he was on the train.) 
Jeff caught a picture of the kiddos and I relaxing on the grass. 
This park even has a creek that runs through it.
There were a few kids playing in the water but
I was a little hesitant...there were tons on geese around this area.
Hmm...maybe not as clean as I would like for my kiddos to be running around in it.
But we did walk the trail between the railroad tracks and the creek.
I love me a father/daughter picture! 
And lastly, a snow cone was necessary before the trip home!

Though we brought a picnic lunch, this park offers a full selection of snacks and lunch items, including barbequed yumminess!
I would say we definitely succeeded in "wearing out the kids"...and Momma!
Even I fell asleep on the way home.
Loved this park so much.
And we WILL be back.
With friends.
Or family.
I don't ever want Summer to end!


  1. That last picture is perfection. So fun!

  2. Emma and Connor look so much alike! Great Pics! So much Fun!

  3. That park is in my hometown! So many memories and we can still walk to it from my parents house. Next time you go, I'll go too!

  4. How fun! Hmmm... we have a bay area play date scheduled for August 6th. Maybe we'll check this one out! P.S. Are you free on August 6th? :)