Thursday, August 1, 2013

Star Wars Lego Party

Connor has known for a long time that he wanted his next birthday party to be a Star Wars Lego Party. And I have know for a long time how stressful this would be!
I love the end result of throwing parties and actually really enjoy the creativity and craftiness that comes along with it.
But it is also VERY stressful...especially the getting started stages.
This was also the first year that I really let Connor control the guest list.
He was SO excited!
Lets' take a tour of what the little man and I came up with...

Welcome sign on the front door...
Here's a picture of the food table...
(The party was held from 3-5:00, so we had snacks and cake.) 
Connor came up with the idea to hang some of his Star Wars Lego fighter planes over the table and I found some old foam balls in my crafting supplies, which I painted and glitzed to make "planets." 
I downloaded a Star Wars Font for all the signs... 

And Aunt Shawna made this amazing cake!!!
You can see more of her work @ ShawnaBakes on FB!
(Notice all the individually shaped fondant Legos!) 
And the drink station... 

When the Jedi Knights and Princesses arrived we asked them to sign Connor's birthday book.
The girls got a Princess Leia headband to wear and take home. 
At the end of the party everyone took home a light saber (made of pool noodles and Duct Tape.) 
We hired Play-Well Technologies to bring their Legos for the main attraction! 
I spoke with Chris from Play Well ahead of time, told him the theme we had going, and discussed the activities. He was awesome! He brought thousands of Legos, conducted a training session, and the fun began!
(Here are the girls with their headbands...) 
Even though there were Legos "everywhere" it felt very organized! 
The kids immediately got to work on their Force Field Generators... 
Yes I said "kids!" 

Connor was in heaven with all his buddies over playing what he loves so much. 

After the Lego portion of the party was over we wrapped up with cake... 
And after friends were gone and only family remained we opened presents. 
This was the first birthday Connor was able to read all of his own birthday cards!! 
And lastly Harley and Emms brought down the party playing with the adult's water dispenser.
They filled cup after cup with water, drenching the table and themselves.
But they were busy for at least an hour!! 
Well Buddy we did it!
Your 7th Birthday was a success.
I hope it was all you had wanted.

(I think it was because when we asked you what your favorite part was, you responded,


  1. Oh. My. Lord. Laura! This is your best party yet! I LOVE the princess head bands and light sabers! And that Cake! Shawna is amazing! I love, love, love your food table! So impressed Lor! You outdid yourself!

  2. What a fun party!!! Happy Birthday Connor!!!

  3. Laura, you are amazing. AMAZING. You can plan any of my kids birthdays, any day.

  4. Holy CRAP, Shawna made that cake??? Wow. Great job! What a fun party!!!