Friday, April 8, 2011

Wednesday at the Track

I took off of work early on Wednesday to see Dominic run in his track meet. Up until then, I hadn't been to a meet...actually I have never been to any track meets...ever. Jeff thinks this is a crime...he was a runner also.

It stinks...all of Dominic's meets are on Wednesday's :( But this week I was able to make it work.

It just so worked out also that several family members were able to make it, including Connor and Emma Kate! So Dom had quite the cheering section.

He runs the 400 and 200 meters regularly. And sometimes the 800 or 100.

Here are some pics from a proud momma!


Better tighten up those laces

and tuck in that shirt. (Who is that guy?!?!) I AM OLD!

Get ready...!

Hair blowing in the wind.

See ya!

Dominic has never been interested in any sports...up until this year.

He LOVES it!

And I am so happy that he has found something that works for him!

Yeah Dom! And Congrats on your 1st and 2nd Places!