Saturday, April 9, 2011

Down Memory Lane

This morning I woke up with a slight feeling of dread...Jeff had to work all day...on a Saturday...which means I have the kids all to myself all day...In Laws-out of town...Parents-out of town. Friends with kids-not an option-Emma Kate still has this stinkin' cold that she's had for about 3 weeks!

All that being said. I will probably be writing about this day for turned out awesome!

After lunch the kids and I headed over to my grandmother's house to pick her up for the afternoon. She gets very lonely since my grandfather passed away in October. We thought we'd spend some time with her and take her to dinner when Jeff got home.

While we were at her house to pick her up, I went back and visited "The Shed." There is a shed toward the back of her lot, in which we have some things stored. Often times when we go there I grab a couple of boxes to go through...sometimes I find old toys of Dom's...New toys for Connor! Sometimes...old clothes...

Today I found a very special bin. I spent the evening perusing it's contents...

And boy did I smile...and laugh...with tears!

Here I would like to highlight the Strawberry Shortcake doll brought home after work by my dad when I was very young.

A notebook that doubled as "Drama Notebook" and a Time Capsule from high school. Pictured here are a couple of scenes I was in and to the right: a poem given to me by "Jamie."

This is a Junior High literature notebook in which we had to decorate the cover to reflect ourselves and/or our interests:

Two plaques: 1st place Basketball Championships in 8th Grade and JV MVP my Sophmore year.

The yellow box pictured above was full of High School memories:

Yes, that's my name tag from my 1st job! Remember the little key chains that Great America used to do? The papers to the right are dated pages from my planner. These pages have almost every little thing I did for several years...oh yeah...some memories are in there!

This box was full of Junior High.

Pictured below:

My address book that looked like a turtleneck and sweater.

That pink slip in the middle is an "Eat Day Coupon." I attended a very strict private school and once in a while we would donate money, for some reason or another, and we could eat in class all day...whatever we wanted. Priceless.

My first (and only) pair of glasses...yes they are hot pink!

1991 Junior High "Newspaper."

Small box of random "jewelry."

My retainer...YUCK!

Orange papers with countdown to graduation.

Picture of a couple of cute boys cleaning the chalk boards...what?!?! I am OLD!

Movie ticket to "A League of Their Own" $7.00 full price.

Graduation badge...for some event.

A "High Flight" poem on a bookmark...I wanted so badly at this point in my life to be a pilot. This was right after changing my mind from "whale trainer!"

This little script was written on the inside cover of the "turtleneck book." I seem to remember reading this script while calling random numbers in the phone book with my girlfriends. No, we never had any luck. Oh My! To think I have a daughter of my own now!

In case you can't read it, it says..."Hi I'm from the Contra Costa Times and we're doing a survey on young men between the ages of 11 and 14 years old. Do you have anyone living in your home that fits the requirement for our survey? Thank you."


And last, but certainly not least...this little gem. My poetry notebook.

Well mostly my poetry.

Stay tuned for some of L.Shanna's early work:)

Oh it was a very good day!


  1. O.M.G. FIRST of all....I can't believe you still have all of that stuff. Second. The picture on your Junior High ID is AWESOME. And I LOVE my Drama Notebook! So fun Laura! You brought me right back to 1994! LOL!

  2. OMG, that is fabulous!!! That was a great trip down memory lane...complete with hot pink glasses! Totally remember those! And I still have my notebook covered in 90210 peeps too! Ha!