Monday, April 25, 2011

The Easter Story

(According to Connor)

I asked Connor to tell me the story of Easter. This is how it went...

"The soldiers told Jesus that they were going to kill him.

Jesus said to them, 'Do what ya gotta do, but I'm gonna listen to God!'

He went to the forest to pray...What's the name of that forest?

The bad guys took him and put a thorn crown on him and made him carry his own cross and stuck a spear in him to make sure he was dead.

They rolled a rock around so no one could get in.

The next day...He was gone!

And He was alive!"

My favorite part is when Jesus told the soldiers, "Do what ya gotta do..."

Oh I love that kid! And I love the simplicity of his Easter story:)


  1. That's the story as I understand it! Thanks for sharing, that was so sweet. :)

  2. Simple-- and accurate! Hemingway, eat your heart out.