Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

What a beautiful weekend!!! It's times like this that make me so thankful that I live in California.
Sure our schools are in the dumps and there are countless issues with the state of California, not to mention that the housing prices are ridiculous in comparison to much of the country.
But this weather...can't be beat!

Super Bowl Sunday started off with a crazy rush to get to church on time. After church Jeff took Connor to Tilden to ride the train, while Emma Kate napped, Dominic zoned out in front of the computer, and I got some yard work done.

Libby was super excited to lie in the yard and soak up some Vitamin D!

Emma Kate tried out the swing for the first time when she woke up from her nap.

She LOVES it!

Man our yard was in serious need of some TLC! Jeff helped for a while when he got home, but we decided that it's going to take a few weekends to get caught up.

Then it was off to Mom and Dad's for the Super Bowl. Honestly I couldn't have cared less about the game itself. (I'm a baseball and basketball girl, unless the Niners are playing.) I was excited for food and family time...especially cause Baby Harley was going to be there! Oh yeah...Scott and Shawna too;)

I made Kim's Spinach Artichoke was AMAZING! Everyone agreed it was a "must make again recipe."

Gram joined in on the fun too.

Mom got some Emma Kate time.

And I got some Harley time!

Emma tried to get some Harley time too.

Connor was a little restless so Jeff took him in the other room to play some "pool- Connor Style."

(This consists of rolling the balls with his hands to get them into the pockets on the opposite side of the table.)

Pictures like these make me wish I had a nice camera...This next pic is Jeff at the pool table playing, sipping wine, and sitting in my mom's wheel chair.


(Don't be alarmed...Mom's going to be ok...just some back problems the past couple of months.)

All this and Jeff and I were asleep by 8:15!

It was a great day.


  1. 8:15??? Me too! We are hella old! Emma Kate is getting so big. And that last pic of Jeff is my favorite. So awesome!

    Dude! you are ON this blogging thing....I gotta catch up!!

  2. "Mom's wheelchair"?? Hate that story! But love the pic of Emma K and Harley :)

  3. Love the last picture! Hope your mom is doing well! But I love the combination of drinking wine, playing pool and wheelchairing! Fabulous!

  4. Was I right about the dip???? Love it! Also love the pictures of all those adorable babies. :)