Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dominic's Birthday

This is my 15 year old!

Dominic's birthday started with the annual sign up on the garage...we've been putting this sign up since his 1st birthday. (I have since carried on the tradition with the other kids as well.) As we left the house in the morning I closed the garage door, revealing the sign. These days it takes a lot to make his face light up...however...this did the trick! I think he had forgotten about it.

Off for donuts we went! 7am!

I didn't see him again until dinner time. We met the whole family at Dominic's favorite restaurant...Tahoe Joe's. (I was very excited when Connor told me that for HIS birthday dinner, he wants to go to McDonald's...much more within my budget!)

This is Dom explaining to us what happens to our arteries when we eat whipped cream:)
(Using a straw, a napkin, and part of a roll.)

Everyone came back to our house after dinner for dessert and presents.

He doesn't quite fit on my lap anymore...but we still continue to try!

Emma Kate didn't make it late into the evening but Connor was a trooper.

Dominic requested that I make Grandma Heiden's lemon bar recipe for dessert.

(Yes...I'll put candles in whatever...they are a must. No matter how old you are.)



Epic Mickey for the WII

New backpack

Running shorts and water bottle

2 New Books: Catching Fire and Mockingjay

A running component and headphones for his Ipod

Best Buy giftcard

Season 1 DVD's of Glee

15 Lottery Tickets

We had a fun evening celebrating that kid! Hard to believe he'll start driving this year.

Fasten your seatbelts!


  1. MMmmmm Laura's Lemon bars are the best!

    Dom looks like a GIANT in these pictures! Where has the time gone????

  2. Looks like so much fun! Happy BDay Dom!

  3. Happy Birthday, Dom! Wow, 15...

    Love that you still put the sign on the garage. :)