Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Busier

As if life at the Schwab house is not busy enough, last week Connor started taking Taekwondo!
He only goes 2 days a week for a half hour each lesson, but he is having FUN! For some reason he complains all the way up until we get there, but once we're there and he gets started, he loves it. It's my challenge to keep Emma Kate quiet and happy for a whole half hour! I told Connor that since he chose to try out this activity, he has to stick to it for the first 2 months. Then if he decides he is not enjoying it, he can quit. Stay tuned...

This week Dominic started running on the Track and Field Team at his high school. Let me tell you something about Dominic...he has always been my dramatic stage guy. We tried T-Ball (he looked SO cute in that uniform!) and basketball when he was little. He was NOT into any of that! But the last year or so his interest in running has increased and he decided to tryout this Spring...

"Running?" I ask...of all things!! (I HATE to run! Though I have always wished I liked to.)

So here we go...practice everyday on the track. Rain or shine.

I am very excited for him!

It's been a long week though. Lots of ice, lots of homework, and very little sleep.

This is the beginning of the purchases that are involved with getting him going...

I forgot how expensive it is to be involved in high school sports:(

(But SO worth it!)

Emma Kate has decided she's going to follow in her mom's footsteps and tryout for basketball.

I told her she needs to wait a few years:)

For now we'll work on our bouce passes!


  1. Good for Dom! And Connor! And Emma K!

  2. Laura-- you are killing me right now. You bought tank tops and socks and are commenting on how expensive it is to participate in high school sports?! Lol!!!

    Oh, honey... I hope Emma doesn't want to go into cheerleading in 15 years... you're in for some sticker shock. :)

    So cool that Dom is into running, though! Maybe he can give me some pointers for my triathlon in April...

  3. Teegs! I said the beginning of the purchases! Just wait for the post on the new shoes, spikes, sweats, etc...The sweatsuit, alone, costs $165! And these kids go to public school! It's outrageous, not to mention the cost just to participate. Our schools' sports are really in danger though...the districts don't have the money so it's all up to the parents to keep it alive. Very sad situation out there.