Monday, February 28, 2011

Emma Kate's Birthday Part 2: Party Time

A Party In Pictures...
What a wonderful way to spend Emma Kate's birthday! We had a very girly "pink" party for her.

And lots of awesome, very dear friends and family here to help us celebrate her.

The party was from 3-4:30, which was a perfect time frame for her...she was exhausted after even that short period of time.

Dominic had a hand in welcoming some of the first guests(family) with shooting them with a Nerf gun from his upstairs bedroom window...oh boys...

The Birthday Girl.

She very gingerly explored her birthday cake.


That's about all she ate...she never REALLY got into it.

The kids had fun decorating sugar cookies.

I LOVE these ladies!

And of course this little lady too:) This is her favorite present...figures it would be a car (and not a doll!) At least it's pink! It's a Swagger Wagon like her mommy drives! I wish I had a pink one.

Check out her little outfit I found online! I LOVE it.

Connor and Great Gram.

More family and friends.

Another one of "my ladies" and her 3 month old little guy.

Maddie and Emma Kate...I see many more birthay parties with these girls together!

Emma Kate leaning in for a kiss from Aunt Becki.

By this point she was getting pretty tired, but I had to get a few more pictures.

Emma's Great-Aunt Judy drove an hour and a half to come for a party that was equally as long. Thank you!

Mommy on the other side of the camera...doesn't happen very often.

Thank you to all who came to celebrate. We had such a fun time with all of you!

Happy Birthday my sweet Emma Kate!

I can't believe it's been a year already.


  1. Rachel and I just loved your pictures! In fact I told Rachel that was Emma in the pictures and she clearly said, "Emma"! I knew they'd be BFFs! :)

  2. So cute! You had such great ideas for the party. Emma is a doll.