Friday, October 22, 2010

A Shower to Remember

Early this past Spring I threw Shawna (my then sister-in-law-to-be) a bridal shower. This past Sunday I had the honor of throwing her a baby shower! I am so excited to meet my nephew, Harley, in December (maybe January.) Those little guys have a way of showing up when they want to!
This shower was not a shower to remember necessarily because of anything I had control of, but because of what God had control of- the rain! It DID shower for the shower. That morning I prayed that God would hold off the rain for a little while-he did. Just long enough to get some tarps pulled over the back patio overhang. Then the rain began, and didn't stop until after the party was over. I got lots of pictures of the party details. What I did not capture, were the leaks that sprung in the tarps above, causing steady drips coming down on place settings at the table, Amanda and I putting up plastic and drying off chairs to control the leakage, and the panic in my heart as I looked out at wilting orange pom poms hanging in the air. In case you didn't know, tissue paper doesn't hold up very well when wet! (These are what I was working on last week with my glass of wine.)
Nonetheless, we celebrated Shawna and Harley! We went outside to have lunch and then brought our chairs inside for some warmth for the rest of the shower.
Doesn't she look amazing?!?!

These are the menus. They did NOT look like this in the end!

Before the rain.

Most people opted for the hot cider. We used my grandmother's old tea cups.
The colors were orange and baby blue, which normally I would not think of together, but it worked. I really wanted to incorporate the colors of the season and Shawna wanted it to reflect her baby boy. I loved how it turned out. (I ordered the bright orange Gerber Daisies from Costco.)
I have started buying a book for every birthday party for Connor which I also use as a guest book. Everyone at the party writes a message to remember the event. So I bought one for Baby Harley. I was very excited when I found this one...Shawna is a huge Snoopy fan and the pumpkin theme matched the shower perfectly!
My friend, Lisa, used her Cricut machine to cut out these little pumpkins. Amanda and I glued baby clothespins to the back to make name tags.

Another project done on Lisa's Cricut. It was so much fun working with her on this!

And of course...the food!
Two of Shawna's friends, Amy and Vickie, made the quiches.

I found a really cute mold at Crate & Barrel for the pumpkin bread.

Another of Shawna's friends made the cupcakes.
Very festive!
Shawna received a lot of wonderful presents for the baby, and all-in-all, we had a great time!
After all- life is about expecting the unexpected and being flexible right?
(Both of which, I need to work on.)
Thank you to everyone who helped and
Congratulations to Scott and Shawna!
I am so excited for your growing family!
(Stay tuned for more events from that day...)


  1. The table settings look amazing.

  2. Aw, Laura! It was a total success, despite the rain. Look at that glow on Shawna's face! She looks beautiful. And I'm assuming there is some pumpkin bread on its way to me as I write this...

  3. Laura you did an awesome job! I love the colors! And Shawna looks so great!