Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa Bob

Tonight we went to Jeff's parents' house for dinner to celebrate his dad's birthday. We decided to attempt to get a good picture of the birthday boy with all of his grandchildren. Connor and Cale (on the ends) are 2 months apart in age. Emma and Corben (the babies) are 5 months apart. And Dominic...well Dom is the "older one." Often times when we get together I feel bad for him. He has no one his age to hang out with. He's right in between the adults and the "little kids." We love him so much, for he is a really good sport. We had a great time tonight and thank the Lord that "Bunga" and "Papa" live so close and are so involved in the children's lives.

I thought I'd include the "not-so-good" attempts at getting 4 young children, a teenager, and Papa all looking my way with smiles on their faces....

And finally....!!!

Good enough for me! I love those faces!


  1. Those types of pictures are the most fun to look back on, though! I love how Cale just picks up a book to read in one of them...