Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Every year since Dominic was about 18 mo old we have gone to the Clayton Valley Pumkin Farm. We usually go a couple of weeks before Halloween. Not this year. A couple of weeks ago we planned to go. It was too hot. Last weekend we planned to go. It rained. Our only day left was this past Thursday. In case you didn't know, the Giants were playing. We had a small window of time between Dominic getting home from school and the Giants game start time. We made it!!!

We don't usually do the extra activities, except the train ride. If you know me, you know that I am somewhat frugal, to put it nicely. And I don't like to pay for the extra stuff that seems way over-priced. This year I went all out!! I must apologize ahead of time...I LOVE pictures at the pumpkin patch, so there are MANY!
Dominic and Connor at the beginning of the hay maze.

Connor making his way out.

The "Bean Pit." Emma Kate didn't know what to think of all those things.

Connor loved the tubes where you drop the ball through and wait for it to come out down below.

Daddy and Emma Kate hangin' out waiting for the boys.

Mommy and Daddy waiting for the boys.

Of course...the train ride.

Even Emma got into the action on this one!

I LOVE this one of the kids!

Emma way too enthralled with the mini pumpkins to look at me.

Why do my boys have to pick the largest, most expensive pumpkins in the patch?!?!

Next year I should tell them they can only get it if they can carry it:)

Just kidding-kind of...I told you I was frugal!

And the yearly height measurement...

The boys were happy with their picks.

And this year...I'm pretty happy with my pics!

Now I have to think about carving those suckers!


  1. But think about all the roasted seeds you'll have! Great photos.

  2. I love the pic of Emma Kate at the measure stick! So funny!

    And the wooden cut out pic- Emma as the Cat...So so cute!

    Love all the Pics Laura!