Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day

Columbus Day...oh Columbus! So you may not have discovered America, but you DID give me a day off of work in which my boys are not off of school...thank you!
This is the ONE holiday that I get a day OFF...well...until Emma Kate was born. But that's ok, because we both love to shop! Today we took the boys to school and headed out for some girl time. Ok, so it consisted of The Dollar Tree, Marshall's, Starbucks (of course! My coffee from 5:30am had LONG worn off!) and Costco. Costco at this time of year is so much fun...Fall clothes. Halloween costumes. Christmas stuff coming in.
I am throwing a baby shower for my sister-in-law this Sunday, so there is a lot of running around to be done. We had a BLAST!

Clearly...she is comfortable!

We, then picked up Connor, had lunch, and "naptime." Naptime really consists of my telling Connor he has to stay in his room for an hour...ok..most of the time I stretch it to an hour and a half. He needs some down time...just go with it...we all know who really needs some down time!

Sometimes I get REALLY lucky and Emma will sleep at the same time...not today.

This afternoon I did some vaccuuming to show the hubby I DID do SOMETHING today!

This is what inevitably happens when I move the dining room chairs...


While Emma Kate watched and Dominic was bunkered down in his room doing homework.

She just started sitting up a couple of weeks ago. She still falls down once in a while. We just make sure the area around her is clear!

I had to get a picture of Connor after he dressed himself after nap.

This is an accomplishment...he doesn't like to get dressed on his own.

I was so happy, I even let him go to the store with me like this...I'm not talking dowtown Walnut Creek or anything...but...the store!

And tonight after dinner, a great Giants win, and bedtimes, I worked on a project, accompanied by a glass of wine...or maybe 2...

You'll see next week what this turned out to be!

Thanks Kim! I LOVE the Sterling! And it IS cheaper!

I'm just sayin'...


  1. The picture of Connor is classic. Leap Frog is awesome! Look at Emma Kate! Big Girl sitting up by herself! So cute!

  2. What the h*** are you doing up so late lady?!?

  3. Can't wait to see how your project turned out!!!

    What a good little shopper Emma is. :)

  4. Connor is such a poser. I love it. Reminds me of his brother, for sure.