Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year's Eve 2013!!!

There's always so much hype about New Year's Eve.
And some years I get wrapped up in the hype.
Most years, since having multiple children, I just want to sleep.
The idea of staying up till after midnight and then getting up early with the kids just gives me anxiety!
(I know. I sound really old!)

However, we like to do something special, especially for the kids because they always get wrapped up in the hype. About everything!

So this year we invited Nana and Papa over for dinner and dessert, etc...
(They're night owls so we can count on them helping us stay awake!)

So they came over and helped the kids make confetti... 
We made special drinks to go along with our dessert using my new milk jars I got for Christmas.
And I tried a new recipe from Pinterest. Yum! Accompanied by Shawna's Salted Caramel Sauce.
Double Yum!
Then we celebrated New Year's at 9pm with the kids before sending them to bed...
Countdown and all! 

Confetti EVERYWHERE!!! 
I'm just now realizing I got no pictures of my dad or hubby:(
(And of course Dom was gone for the evening. Like for the 7th year in a row!)
But here's Benny...pooped!
All that partying wore him out! 
We did make it till midnight.
But proceeded to kick my parents out immediately after.
Sorry guys!


  1. Ha Ha... Benny looks how I would look if there was confetti all over my house.

  2. That dessert looks amazing. P.s. you are a nice Mom...no confetti at the Kirby household!