Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Train 2013

December 1998 marked the first year our family rode the Christmas Train. Jeff has volunteered at The Niles Canyon Railway for many, many years. As a child he developed a love of trains that has only grown over the years. And when we became a part of his life, he began to share this love with us. Every year the NCRY decorates the whole train in Christmas lights for all to come and celebrate the season.
Many of our family and friends have come along throughout the years.
Even my late grandmother and J's late grandfather joined in on the fun during the early years.
In 2001 Jeff proposed to me while riding on the "chapel car" which gets its name because the benches are old chapel pews that have been donated to the club. 
That night Jeff gave me a diamond ring and Dominic...a ring pop! 

I'd say our family has grown since then...!
And not just our immediate family...
We now get to share the train ride with our niece and nephews.
I love grandkid photos! 
This year The Reed's joined in too!
And of course all the grandparents.
We get silly.
Get snuggly when it's cold.

Eat and drink lots of yummies!
But most of all...
Enjoy the smiles that the train and lights bring to our little ones!
Here's to many more years and memories yet to be made!


  1. Love that you included the engagement photo's!! SO fun!!

  2. I agree--LOVE the engagement photo!! Seems like just yesterday... :)