Monday, December 24, 2012

Visit to The Big Man!

This year was my favorite visit with Santa as of yet!
We picked up my mom and met Scott, Shawna, & kids in Walnut Creek.
Connor came prepared with his letter he made at school.
"Dear Santa
I wish
to have
any Legos
and a
Star Wars
Angry Bird.
But wait, there
is more...trains."
When they first sat down Emma Kate discussed what she wanted with Santa...
A baby wolf.
(She played with a little stuffed fox she found one day at Macy's when we were shopping.
She called it her "Baby Wolf" and ever since then, that's all she's been asking for.)

Then it was Connor's turn.
He used his time to read his letter to Santa. 
Then Dom slipped in for a picture. 
My mom wanted to attempt an All Grandkid Photo.
I was skeptical at first, but it turned out hilarious! 
Poor Harley!
He was NOT a fan!
Here's my version of the photo... 
My kids said their good-bye's so that Harley and Abby
could be torured some more
could have some time alone with Santa... 
I LOVE that Santa was crying too!!
That picture makes me laugh every time.
And because I love crying kids with Santa pictures so much...
Here's another!
After sitting with The Big Man, we got our traditional frozen yogurt in 50 degree weather.
Come on, who can really be within 50 feet of a FroYo shop and not get any?!
While Harley enjoyed being free of the scary man in the big red suit! 
P.S. Connor has been really skeptical of Santa this year.
I HATE how kids talk at school!
We've had many talks about believing in things that we cannot see right before our eyes, as well as what Christmas is REALLY about.
And yet he insists on going to The North Pole to see it for himself as soon as he is able!
If only the magic could last forever.
Maybe at least another year?

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  1. I don't know what is more precious-- that note to Santa, or those pictures on his lap. Absolutely adorable :)