Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas Eve started out nice and slow around the Schwab House.
A few finishing touches were made, some cookies were delivered to the neighbors, and we went on a family walk.
Our church service at 5pm is what really gets Christmas going for us though.
This year our Christmas events fell right in line with how they usually do.
Dominic was the narrator for The Christmas Story this year.
And Connor sang in the children's choir for the 2nd year in a row.
Can you find him in this next picture?...Far right.
Those kids are so cute! And have practiced every Sunday for weeks! 
Both Jeff's and my parents join us for church, as well as Scott, Shawna, and kids.
(This year even Shawna's dad, Bill, was here from out of town to join in on the fun.)
After church we headed home and I tried to get in a kid picture.
I need to figure out the best time to do this.
Before church is impossible with all the craziness of getting everyone ready.
But...after church they are wound up and ready to get some presents going!
Really Libby?
She was looking at the camera in every other picture:(
The ONE good one of all the kids, she decides to sniff out Dom's arm.

Ma and Papa Bob came over right after church to exchange gifts.
Papa had asked for a gun for Christmas.
Jeff found this fun duck shooting arcade game for him instead;)
The kids sure had fun with it. 
And Papa liked it too...I think.

Emmy liked her Vet doctor set. 
After gifts were opened it was time to start our Christmas Eve movie...which is
always The Polar Express. 
This year Connor and Jeff worked on building Connor's new Lego set while watching the movie. 
Some of us got a little restless...Emma Kate and Ma decided to attack Dom! 
Ma and Papa usually take off about half way through the movie.
And that's when the Heiden clan "moves in" for the night.
We always have my parents and Scott and Shawna & fam come spend the night.
In addition, sometimes my grandmother joins us too.
The year Gram stayed home, but we still had a full house, including Bill.
Here were the sleeping arrangements this year...
Connor and Emma in our bedroom on the floor.
(It took FOREVER to get them to sleep this year!)
Harley and Abby slept in Emmy's room in her crib and the Pack n' Play.
Dominic gave up his bed for my dad.
Dom and my mom slept in Connor's room on his bed and trundle.
Scott and Shawna were on an airbed downstairs, with Bill on the couch.
Oh yeah, Libby slept with Dom and Mom:)
It is a FULL HOUSE! 

As always, I gave Jeff and the kids their Christmas jammies.
This year was the first year I gave up and only gave Jeff and Dom flannel pants...they never wear the tops to the pajamas I get them.
When the Heiden kids came over, they had their new Christmas jammies on too! 

After the kids were put to bed, the adults all had some drinks, got breakfast ready for the morning, and "played Santa." We finally climbed into bed at 12:30. Not too bad this year!
Libby couldn't wait to try out her new bed... 
Presents started at about 6am....woohooo!!!
Dom was super excited that he got all 8 seasons of 24!!

Emma Kate was totally thrilled with EVERYTHING!

And Coco loved his new train set...THE POLAR EXPRESS!!
(I'm sensing a theme this Christmas.)

We literally spend hours Christmas morning opening gifts and playing.
The house looks like a bomb went off!
But is is so much FUN!
Everyone filtered out and off to their other activities, Emmy went down for a nap, and a bit later we headed over to Jeff's parents for Christmas with his sister and family.
I am SUPER bummed I forgot my camera and didn't get a single picture of this part of the day:(
As the day came to a close Jeff and I reflected on all that we have and how blessed we are to be able to celebrate our Savior's Birth with all of our close family.
I hope your Christmas was filled with true Joy and Happiness this year as well.


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